How to Add Tapped Event to the Textbox in Windows 8 Application.

Over the forum discussion, some one asked an question “Tapped Event” is not occurring/firing in his application, so I have decided to write a quick code snippet for the same solution.
I did quick work around and added AddHandler() method. And it adds a routed event handler for a specified routed event.
See the following code snippet:
txtMyTextBox.AddHandler(TappedEvent, newTappedEventHandler(txtMyTextBox_Tapped), true);
void txtMyTextBox_Tapped(object sender, TappedRoutedEventArgs e)
            MessageDialog msgDialog = newMessageDialog(“Tapped Event occour”, “Windows 8 App”);
            //OK Button
            UICommand okBtn = newUICommand(“OK”);
            okBtn.Invoked = OkBtnClick;
            //Cancel Button
            UICommand cancelBtn = newUICommand(“Cancel”);
            cancelBtn.Invoked = CancelBtnClick;
            //Show message
Here is a completed source code.
Hope it will help, Happy Coding.

About Pavan Pareta

My name is Pavan Pareta, I enjoy computers and general technology. I am more interested in the areas of Computer Security, Programming and developing innovative s/w for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7. I like MS Technology and support open-source software, because I believe it plays a major role in knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas, which effectively leads to better software. Additionally, I am a follower of the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy. I Love C#.NET and recently I am fall in love with Silverlight :) Introduce to my machine My main workstation is a Intel Pentium Core Duo and my primary operating system is Windows 7.
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